Victoria & South Australia accept one of the most significant promotions that Australian Karting has ever seen

The following letter was sent to all Australian States, WA, NSW, SA, VIC, NT, TAS and QLD  and we are proud to announce that VICTORIA and SOUTH AUSTRALIA have accepted our generous sponsorship proposal.

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Letter sent to all Australian State Associations - 18/12/14

We write to you with an offer that we sincerely hope will allow us to join together in one of the most significant promotions that Australian karting has ever seen.

2015 sees a number of changes to the Kart Event landscape with the most significant being the creation of the new Australian Kart Championship Series and the 7 new State Championship Series.

The IAME X30 class will be offered at the Australian Kart Championship Series and the prize pool on offer will include 2 Arrive & Drive packages at the IAME International Final valued at $18,000.

With your cooperation combined with the financial support from DPE Kart Technology, Remo Racing, IAME and MG Tyres, we would like to take X30 Class promotion to the highest possible level by offering to a series in each state, 1 Arrive & Drive package at the IAME International Final to the winner of X30 LIGHT CLASS (160kg).

The combined value of this equates to a total of $63,000.00.

The only support that we are requesting from your State Association is to agree to take part in this major promotion within Australian karting by agreeing to offer IAME X30 classes at your main State Series.

In addition to the promotional activities detailed above we also plan to investigate (subject of course to Karting Australia and State Association approval) the potential promotion of a single event towards the end of the year which would see X30 Class competitors from each of the State Championship Series come together to compete in an event of a new kind. We have some exciting new ideas to put on the table one of which could see karters representing their state in a form of “Interstate Rivalry” not seen before.

Let’s join together and get karting in 2015 started with a big bang!!! All we need to make this happen is to receive your support by agreeing ASAP to offer IAME X30 classes at your main state series.

We wait in hope and anticipation of your prompt response.


Bart Price & Remo Luciani.

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