X30 125cc - Additional Maintenance Information

The following information OVERRIDES any specifications shown in the X30 USER MANUAL and the X30 OVERHAUL MANUAL.

With continued testing we have found the new X30 muffler allows the engine to get up to operating temperature quicker than the old exhaust system, with this in mind we recommended a minimum piston clearance of 0.13-0.14mm.

As stated in our X30 User Manual it is highly recommended to inspect the piston every 5 hours for excess carbon build up and ensure the piston ring is free in the groove. This is also a good time to check the piston for any signs of abnormal wear or damage. 

When purchasing a new X30 engine, it is supplied with a BR9EG spark plug, this plug is primarily intended for running in the engine as the hotter heat range helps burn excess fuel and avoid fouling while driving slowly. IAME recommend the use of a 10 or 10.5 heat range plug during normal use to keep combustion chamber temperatures low and extend piston life.