IAME 2018 OK & OKJ World Champions!

It’s not rare for IAME to see projects through to the end, nor are we new to successes of World Championships. The commitment of our designers, engineers, technicians and the constant search for improvement have led us to this amazing achievement winning the 2018 World Championships in OK and World Champions in OKJ and Vice World Champions in KZ.

We just can’t begin to put into words how amazing these achievements mean to us. Not to mention the 365 days we’ve spent on design, on-track testing, verification of materials and on the countless hours we’ve spent analysing and questioning the choices we’ve made, because in order to be where we are today, we always need to have the passion and the ability to put ourselves under the test. We’ve listened and learned once again, we’ve created and delivered like we always do, and we’ve given the best of our ability, each and everyone of us, together as a team at the IAME headquarters.

This is IAME’s philosophy of today, the same as 50 years ago, bigger and better in many ways and certainly with the desire to grow and improve and to be even better tomorrow. This is our point of view, always attentive, always humble and always proactive and we can’t imagine a better way to carry on our company’s legacy.

Today is a new beginning for us to carry on our tradition, of IAME continuing to be the best of the best thanks to our OK, OKJ and KZ drivers for their trust in IAME. The championships that we have won are not the only thing that make us so great, it is also the synergies with the teams, the mechanics, the drivers, the sponsors, our partners and our collaborators.

We’ve all won together and we want to say thank you to everyone for their loyalty and to unite together for all of these accomplishments. And lastly, we would like to thank all the fans, the drivers globally, our past and present drivers, to those who have moved on to different categories and to the many mothers and fathers who never get tired of helping and encouraging their children to follow their dreams: we are here and we will always be here for you.

Today we do not speak as IAME, but as the Heart of the Kart.

Thank you.