2018 IAME International Final !!

The 2018 IAME Internationa Final will be held on the 8-14 October, 2018 at the Le Mans Karting International Circuit in France - CIK FIA

More information can be found here

Australian drivers who have competed since 2007 !!

Adam Hughes (Victoria)
Adam Levi (Western Australia)
Adam Mercer (Queensland)
Ben Walter (Victoria)
Brett Fortainer (Victoria)
Cooper Webster (Victoria)
David Sera (Victoria)
Grant Smith (Victoria)
Jack Doohan (Queensland)
Jacques Flynn (Queensland)
James Allen (Western Australia)
Jay Hanson (Victoria)
Jesse Thomas (Western Australia)
John Grother (Queensland)
Jordyn Sinni (Victoria)
Joseph Mawson (New South Wales)
Joshua Crossingham (Queensland)
Justin Francis (Victoria)
Kel Treseder (Queensland)
Kevin Millard (Victoria)
Kip Foster (South Australia)
Lee Mitchener (Victoria)
Luke Van Herwarrde (Queensland)
Matthew McClean (Victoria)
Michael Goss (Western Australia)
Oscar Piastri (Victoria)
Paul Pittam (South Australia)
Rick Pringle (Victoria)
Ryan Sanderson (Queensland)
Scott Foster (South Australia)
Toby Pope (Victoria)
Zac Souter (Victoria)