IAME X30 Homologation Update Bulletin (78H-4) issued 30/11/17

The following points below are included in the Bulletin which can be download HERE and also on the Karting Australia website under Technical.

IAME X30 Homologation Update Bulletin 78H-4 30/11/17

The information and specifications contained in this Homologation and Technical Specification Update bulletin are to be read read in conjunction with and form part of the homologation detailed herein.

The manufacturer has advised that the X30 engine itself remains unchanged. The new accessories and components detailed in this Bulletin are designed to achieve the same performance level as the original X30 engine - Homologation Number 78H.

All of the following points mentioned are solutions introduced by IAME to improve the engine’s quality, longevity and ease of use.

This is the first major accessory upgrade the X30 engine has received since its inception in Australia back in 2009, the actual engine specifications and performance outcomes remain unchanged. 
These revised components come as a result of improved manufacturing techniques and ideas combined with customers’ feedback and suggestions to further refine an already reliable engine package.

Exhaust System
* Reduced maintenance due to the omission of the exhaust flex. 

* Reduction of noise by preventing exhaust gasses leaking past the exhaust flex. 

* Pipe length can be more easily adjusted by varying the quantity of spacers and/or gaskets placed before the 
exhaust manifold (open or restricted) to achieve optimum engine performance. 

* Improved reliability of the header by replacing it with a single piece fully machined manifold, eliminating weak 
points due to welding. 

Larger Radiator
* Together with improved quality and appearance, the alternative radiator allows for a reduction in water temperature by an average of 10°C in comparison to the previous radiator. 

* This reduction in temperature results in more consistent functioning of the engine while extending component lifetime in areas of Australia subject to a hot climate. 

* The alternative radiator can also be easily equipped with an optional blind for controlling engine temperature therefore eliminating the need for messy race tape. 

Simplified Ignition System
* The alternative ignition system has been introduced to simplify the installation on the chassis by reducing the amount of components required to be installed. 

* The wiring loom has been greatly simplified by reducing the quantity of wires and connections resulting in reduced cost and much easier diagnosis if an issue should arise. 

* The CDI box is integrated into the ignition coil mounted onto the engine while the starter relay has been omitted and the key switch has been replaced by two strong waterproof pushbuttons. 

* The new electrics and wiring loom are manufactured by a different supplier therefore achieving the target of having alternative sources for key engine components, much like we did for pistons and reed blocks in a recent past. 

* The critical electrical specifications remain identical between the new and previous system to ensure engine performance is unchanged. 

Tillotson HW-27A Carburettor
* The Tillotson HW-27A carburettor was designed specifically for the X30 five years ago with the purpose to improve ease of use, it has been extensively tested as it has been equipped as standard on the X30 in the UK and USA since 2014. 

* Reduced service cost due to the cheaper price of spare parts in comparison to the previous carburettor; all spare parts must be genuine Tillotson. 

* Increased parity as the only permissible carburettor kits allowed for use are the DG-3HW Diaphragm and Gasket Kit and the RK-6HW Repair Kit. 

* As the throttle bore on the rear of the carburettor is a larger diameter a revised inlet conveyor has been produced to match. This revised inlet conveyor will be available as a spare part; it is also permissible to alter an existing inlet conveyor to conform to the dimension detailed in this homologation bulletin.

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