IAME KA100 Reedjet 100cc

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The MAXIMUM Recommended Retail Price of the IAME KA100 engine fitted with the new Tillotson HW-33A carburettor is $3,150.00 (incl.gst).

Please contact your "Local Kart Dealer" to place your order.
IAME products are available from ALL reputable Kart Shops in Australia

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IAME KA100cc Reedjet Overhaul Manual pdfclick here17/02/2017

IAME KA100 – 100cc Reedjet HOMOLOGATION DOCUMENT (updated January 18, 2017)

KA100 Homologation Bulletin 1 (Reed block) 

KA100 Homologation Bulletin 2 (Ignition Key)

KA100 Homologation Bulletin 3 (Earth Wire Positioning)

KA100 Homologation Bulletin 4 (Clutch Cover/Chain Guard)

KA100 Homologation Bulletin 5 (Carburettor)

KA100 Homologation Bulletin 6 (Ignition Advance)

pdfKA100 Homologation Bulletin 7 (Carburettor Kit) 14 Dec 2017

Rule Interpretations or Procedures - For updates
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KA100 12.46.14 AMKA100 at 12.46.26 AM

KA100 at 12.46.49 AMKA100 at 12.47.40 AM

KA100 at 12.48.20 AM