Attention IAME KA100 Engine Owners

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The LAST DAY of the KA100 Carby Exchange Program is Thursday 31st August 2017

if you intend on taking advantage of the exchange offer please ensure you contact Remo Racing or your local kart shop prior to September 1st 2017.

As a reminder the exchange options are:
• RETURN your HL carby to exchange for the new HW carby at a total cost of $150 plus postage.
• KEEP your HL carby and purchase the new HW carby at a total price of $200 plus postage.

It is not compulsory to perform the exchange as the HL398A carby remains eligible for use; once the exchange program has ended the HW33A will revert back to the regular price of $450.

To avoid delay please double check you have your engine number correct; If you are calling to organise the dispatch of an exchange carby be sure to have your engine number on hand.

To download the Exchange form click here

For any further queries feel free to contact the warehouse on: 03 5382 0241.

Best Regards,