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The X30 is a concept IAME started developing in 2005, with the launch of the X30 125cc engine on the French market. From those days to nowadays the X30 project has grown to an unimaginable magnitude. Beside a full engines range destined to stock class series, the X30 is now a complete racing program with more than 25 countries running a IAME Series, either at Federative or at private level. With a class structure covering all ages from 8 years old, 6 different engine models in the range, two International events and several continental events, the IAME Series is one of the most diffused and successful Racing concepts in the Karting scenario.

Thanks to stable and strong regulations and a standard model adopted by each country racing an IAME series, the IAME Series is a globally diffused project that guarantees success to all organizers and national Federations. The stability in the engines production, only minor changes applied to the engines from year to year, and the possibility to race any chassis brand, are the keys of the success of the IAME concept. Last but not least, the prize pool IAME provides to each Series and each IAME main event contribute to complete a very satisfactory offer.


IAME International Final

The Event of The Year reaches its 7th edition. On the wave of the success of the ’17 edition and according to the incredibly increased number of countries hosting IAME Series and main IAME events awarding drivers with tickets to participate in the IAME International Final, new criteria have been introduced to select the Warriors that will be able to join the Arena of Le Mans. Only the top drivers from each country are in fact allowed to participate, only the very best and the very brave will have the possibility to try to step on the highest step of the IAME International Final podium. A great show is expected as the highest level of Karting drivers will be concentrated in this unique event. X30 Mini, X30 Junior, X30 Senior, X30 Master, X30 Super, X30 Super Shifter classes will fill the grids of the 4 days races, for a Karting spectacle never seen before, live broadcasted from the beginning of the qualifying heats.

IAME looks forward to meet all Warriors and spend the most amazing Karting week with you all.

A big thank goes to Victory Concept, Le Mans Karting, all Sponsors, Partners, Teams and especially Drivers, for supporting us and making this possible.

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IAME International Open

Former X30 Challenge Europa becomes IAME International Open! This event originally destined mainly to European drivers, has now reached a level almost comparable to IAME International Final, hosting drivers coming from all around the world.

The beautiful international raceway Karting Des Fagnes will host this renewed event deploying X30 Mini, X30 Junior, X30 Senior, X30 Master, X30 Super and X30 Super Shifter classes and awarding special prizes to the best X30 Lady and X30 Veteran drivers as well.

We wish all X30 Warriors and Teams a super racing week end with the IAME team and we wish to thank all sponsors and partners supporting us and Karting.

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Australian Kart Championship

The Australian Kart Championship is the pinnacle of Australian Karting. A total of nine classes compete for National Titles, covering both Junior and Senior levels. Three of the classes utilise either the IAME KA100 or X30 engines exclusively, ensuring a level playing field in terms of competition and performance. These classes firmly out the focus back on the driver and kart setup.

The IAME KA100 engine is used in the KA3 Senior and KA4 Junior classes in the Australian Kart Championship, along with the IAME X30 engine being used in the X30 (Senior) class.

Awesome prizes are on offer for all three classes, such as:
Arrive and Drive packages for the IAME International Final, including Entry for the event, use of kart and engine, Consumables, a set of tyres, Mechanic and Travel allowance, IAME KA100 and X30 Engines and Spare Parts Vouchers.

The Australian Kart Championship is run over 5 rounds across Australia. For more details regarding the Australian Kart Championship, and the KA100 and X30 racing classes, visit the Karting Australia website now.

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IAME The heart of kart

The IAME International Series is powered by IAME, under many aspects. The Italian Karting engines manufacturing company with 50 years of history in the sport, supervises and guides all the features related to the decisions process, the organization and the definition of the two events composing the series. Relying on the experience achieved from dozens of seasons spent in International Karting events, the dream of providing IAME’s Customers with Karting at its native level, easy, affordable and entertaining, has become reality.

With the Company’s direct involvement in the series, Drivers can count on top level technical assistance on track, provided by the professional technicians of the IAME Racing Department, to solve issues, receive advices and make sure their IAME engine is serviced at best.

Thanks to IAME’s contribution the final prize pool boasts incredibly valuable prizes such as IAME engines and IAME spare parts vouchers.