Here are some testimonials from various karters who have sent through some kind messages...

The likable GP star was tutored throughout both days by Australian Karting icon and six-time Australian Champion Remo Luciani, who was suitably impressed by Stoner's ability to transfer his knowledge of his two-wheeled machines into a KART.

"Even though today was a relaxed fun day for Casey he was amazingly methodical and thorough in his feedback regarding set-up changes and how the kart works," explained Luciani., who has also won 48 State championships during his 25-year karting career.

"There wasn't a session that he didn't ask for something to be altered so he could feel what affect the change made to the characteristics of the kart. Said Luciani


Likewise, CASEY STONER was equally impressed by the tutorage he received from the experienced REMO LUCIANI.

"It is very nice to go around with Remo and set the kart up and learn everything these karts can do. Remo has been the greatest help imaginable, he has been willing to travel hours to come and spend the day setting this kart up for me and help me out to test and really introduced me to this scene that I've been wanting to get involved in for a while." explained CASEY.

"Remo's definately been the guy to keep me interested and has taught me everything that I know at the moment (about karting)." Said Casey Stoner 

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MICHAEL CROSS from South Australia, State Title Champion and fellow competitor
(message received after SA State Titles 2013)
Morning Remo, You are a true inspiration. When I coach kids I get them to watch you. You are a talent, they learn so much from watching you. Congratulations on your State Title today. I said to the kids "Remo is going to win 2 blue plates today, and they replied... really!... I said have you seen his kart, he has it perfect". You are an idol Remo, always have been. Michael Cross"