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For over 50 years IAME has been one of the most renowned names in kart racing engines across the world.

The IAME KA100 is the exciting new engine developed specifically for Australian racing classes, to provide a cost effective and reliable power plant for both Junior and Senior racing classes, while the IAME X30 is a high performance 125cc engine for Senior competitors.

Both engines are self-starting ‘Touch and Go’ (TaG). They have been designed to be ready to race ‘out of the box’ with no need for expensive blueprinting or other modifications in order to be competitive, and to be reliable and cost effective with long life between rebuilds and maintenance. Everything a competitor needs is ‘in the box’ ready to simply fit to any kart and go racing.

The IAME KA100 can be used in both Junior and Senior racing classes by simply swapping the supplied exhaust manifolds and adding or removing an exhaust restrictor. It is eligible for the KA Senior class in its unrestricted form. With the restrictor fitted, it is eligible for KA Junior, Junior & Senior National, and Junior & Senior Clubman classes.

The IAME X30 engine self-charges its battery to provide hassle-free high performance karting. It has its own racing classes (X30 Light & Heavy) and is also eligible to compete in TaG 125, Restricted 125, and Open Performance classes.

Both KA classes and X30 classes are eligible for State and National Championships. The X30 is also raced worldwide, including providing the opportunity for drivers to compete at the annual IAME X30 International Final and in 2020 has its own Feature class in 5 events around Victoria. http://www.iameseriesaustralia.com

IAME engines are imported and distributed in Australia and NZ by REMO RACING, and are available from all reputable kart dealers. Ongoing support is backed by the knowledge and experience of Remo Luciani, one of Australia’s most successful karters ever.

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Designed and developed by IAME ITALY in conjunction with REMO LUCIANI for Australian Karting - and now raced around the world!!

The KA100 engine was added to the Junior National, Senior National, Junior Clubman and Senior Clubman Classes at State and Club level from 1 January 2015 and will be eligible for use on all KA licensed tracks and competition.

The KA100 engines are the engine used in the KA Junior and KA Senior Classes in the new Australian Kart Championship which kicked off in April  2015.

The KA100 is a completely new engine that has been developed by IAME taking account of specifications developed over a number of years by the former AKA Inc. and adopted following rigorous testing and benchmarking by Karting Australia. Managing Director of Remo Racing Pty Ltd Remo Luciani, sat down with Karting Australia’s Lee Hanatschek in 2015 to expand on the exciting new engine that graced Australian circuits from 2015 and beyond.


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http://www.remoracing.com.au/index.php/news/129-new-fresh-look-for-australian-karting Karting Australia announced in August 2014 a new pair of Pathway engines for Australian Karting commencing in 2015 & the IAME KA100 100cc REEDJET was one of them.


Remo Luciani born in 1960 started racing in 1981. In 1986, Remo opened a small after hours business - Remo's Kart Racing Services - in his home town of Horsham, Victoria to help support his racing career (read biography here)

A passion for karting made Remo give up his 'safe pensionable job' as a car salesman for Mitsubishi Motors in Horsham and together with his girlfriend Sabrina Guaitoli who had been in the karting industry throughout her working career, they pursued a full-time career in the karting industry in 1993 with Remo taking care of all aspects of the technical and product side of the company and Sabrina taking care of the administration and marketing side of the company, including marketing Remo. They named the new company Remo Racing Pty Ltd. After their marriage in 1994 and not keen on the city life they decided that home was where they wanted to set-up the business. The warehouse is situated in Horsham in country Victoria (half way between Melbourne and Adelaide).

The early days of Remo Racing were very tough. Racing away from home 50 out of 52 weeks a year they have worked hard to build a successful business and devote most of their leisure time to help their customers. Their ultimate objective is to help drivers WIN. Quality service, attention to detail. "Our willingness to go above and beyond the expectations of our customers was the key to our growth" said Remo. Now, over 27 years later they have developed and perfected a brand that people can trust.




To anyone in Australian Karting, and even those overseas, REMO RACING is synonymous with excellence, reliability and, most importantly, dedication to the sport. The quality of our products and the demand for the product names that we import helped Remo Racing grow to be the largest importers and distributors of karting products in Australia.

Remo Racing has over 1200sqm of workshop/warehouse space with a further 600sqm of mezzanine. This is staggering considering it all started out in a small garage in the backyard at home in 1986.

In 1993, we launched the Monaco racing kart brand (Remo's signature brand) onto the market. Over the following twenty years the Monaco brand grew to be the second most successful kart brand in the Australian market with over forty two national championships and over three hundred state championships achieved to date, plus several New Zealand championships in its short time in that competitive market.

In mid 2013, Remo Racing handed the manufacture and distribution of Monaco karts to DPE Kart Technology, along with several other brands including MG Tyres, KG Products and RK Chain and other brands. We know these products are in good hands for future distribution, promotion and service. Remo continues as the Brand Ambassador for Monaco racing karts, and also continues to compete across Australia in the kart brand he created.

This change also allows REMO RACING to focus even more on the importation, distribution and support of the IAME brand including the highly successful and world renown X30 ENGINE and Parilla engines, Kosmic and Fernando Alonso racing karts and OTK parts.

"We have been working on down scaling our operation due to personal, health and lifestyle reasons. We will continue to remain fully committed to the IAME engines and parts, Kosmic & Fernando Alonso Karts and OTK parts.

At Remo Racing we pride ourselves not only on providing the very best karting products from around the world, but everything is backed by the very highest levels of customer service. We strive to support and serve our customers to the very best of our ability and look forward to continuing our journey with you.

Before, during and after purchase we back our products and service every step of the way, assisting every customer to get the most out of their purchase. So when customers are looking for equipment that performs, quality that lasts and products that "do work", they look no further because Remo Racing only supply the VERY BEST karting products to our customers... Remo puts his reputation on it.


With you all the way and here to stay!!
Remo and Sabrina would like to announce they will be downscaling their business to give a much more personalised and specialised service and concentrate on IAME and Kosmic / FA Karts. We would also like to take this oppiortunity to sincerely thank ALL MONACO drivers through the years and our fantastic dealer network - some of which have been on this journey with us for over 28 years.
Established in 1985 and supporting karters into the future. Our good old fashioned REMO Racing customer service and support will continue for years to come with our IAME, Kosmic, FA Brands,


1994 - RACING TO THE TOP (Wimmera Mail Times @1994)
Remo and Sabrina Luciani turned their passion for go-karting into a thriving business.

Remo has designed his own Australian-made Monaco GP racing kart. He also imports a Jolly kart, designed by Italian World champion, Nicol Gianniberti. Remo’s karting career started in 1981, where he won at the Dooen race-track. Success followed with 13 state championships and he has been named Australian Champion four times. Recently he won the first round of the Oakleigh Super Challenge, the top section in Australia. He has just returned from the World Cup in Japan, and will be competing in world Titles in Argentina next month. The list goes on and Remo has many trophies as evidence of his success.

Remo and Sabrina have worked hard to build a successful business, and devote most of their leisure time to help their customers. “The key to success is good customer service” Remo Said “We work very hard to satisfy our customers seven-days-a-week,” he said REMO RACING has out-grown its 42 Darlot street Horsham premises and will move to 117 Firebrace street in September. “The business has grown much more that we ever anticipated, Remo said. “We are looking to eventually employ more people to keep up with the growing demand” REMO RACING supplies a large-range of spare parts to go karting enthusiasts around Australia and New Zealand.

PICTURE BELOW, top left: Remo and Sabrina have designed and marketed the popular Monaco GP go-kart frame. They have sold more than 60 karts since February 1994, and are looking to export.

Remo and Sabrina RACING TO THE TOP 1994


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